About The Author


William F. Hanson  enlisted in the United States  Air Force in October, 1950, at the age of eighteen. He was first assigned to the Air Force Airframe and Engine Mechanics School at Shepherd Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Upon completion,  he was assigned to a maintenance  crew  on  the  C-97  in the  Atlantic  Division  of  the  Military  Air Transport Service, or MATS, at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts. He worked as a Mechanic for  a  year  when  he  attended  the  Flight  Engineer's school in Illinois. Hanson returned to his squadron in MATS and flew as a Flight Engineer before being transferred to a newly formed  squadron  in  New  Hampshire  until  his  enlistment  period  expired  and he was Honorably Discharged from the Air Force in October, 1954.




William F. Hanson,  author of  Will's  Fabulous Fortunes, spent many years working in the Telecommunications field for a major  Airline.  His travels across these United States took him from  Boston to  Seattle,  Miami to  San Diego, and  many  points  in  between.  Each excursion into this large and marvelous country enriched his memory with tales, good and bad, happy and sad,  funny and tragic,  about places and people and all of the stories that each of us have.  An Author must know somewhat  of which he writes.  To see in his mind the  events  and  tragedies,  the  joys  and  helplessness,  so  that  he can help his reader conjure  up  in  their mind what is being described on the written page. Come and let this Author lead you  through  some of those embellished and imaginary stories, this FICTION, called:

Escape Literature