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Excerpt from “Jimmy’s Wonderful Day” “

Jimmy soon found out that the minnows were real fast so he made the pond smaller. One of the minnows managed to escape. Barefoot and squatting in the creek, he managed to capture two of the minnows. He stood up and poured them in his aluminum cup and started to the house to give them to his Mother. She put them in a glass jar so he could see them swimming.”

Continue this story and learn More about this tiny lad.

Excerpt from “I Am Man”

“Kitchen things bug me. That’s why I eat out a lot. I put some soup in my toaster as I wanted to warm it up a little bit. My Electrician says to use the Microwave for soup. I tried that but I couldn’t close the door fast enough. The soup all ran out. He told me to put it in a container first. I put the can in a Styrofoam cup. Blew the top of the can through the top of the Microwave. Now I can’t use my Microwave. Oh well, it has too many buttons and I never can guess which one to push.”


You, the readers, wanted more of that you young couple, Peggy and Robert, who captured your hearts with their love, troubles, their families, and their way of life.
In this book, you will find Robert and Peggy at their best, coping with life in a small Texas town. Their interface with ranch life, Peggy’s family, Robert’s family and normal (?) life in a harsh and mean world.

Robert has an almost unknown ailment that is becoming quite common in young returning military personnel from that hell on early called Vietnam. The Doctors at the VA don’t seem to care that these young men are messed up. Their attitude, “It’s your problem, you deal with it”.

Follow Robert, Peggy, and your old friends; the Sullivan Family, James Sr., Dixie, James Jr., Carol, Randy, Bobbi, Richard and Marie in Texas. Robert’s family is all back East. Your favorites, Will, Sue, Anne and Winfred are the closest. Watch Annie and Win grow before your reading eyes. Live with them from adventure to adventure.

This is another book of FICTION that you won’t be able to lay aside until you read it from cover to cover. Another great escape novel.


EXCERPT Chapter 7

Peggy was the first to speak."Hi stranger, would you like to buy an out of  work  girl  something  to  eat?" Robert  sorta  stammered and asked, "Are you really out of work?" She said, "Yes you dummy, I told you I go to school!" "Oh yeh, sorry, but you're so pretty just standing there,  I was wishing I could speak to you  without  some  big  guy  wanting  to  take  me apart."  This brought a big  laugh out of Peggy. She walked  over to  him, put her arm in his, and asked, "Would  you  like  to  eat now?" "Not really, I would rather just look at you." "Come on silly," she said as she pulled him to the door. "You sure do smell good" he  said, and as he said  it,  he was mentally kicking himself  for  being  so  crude. She laughed again, "I think you would have said that  if I had just stepped in  a  cow  patty."  "What's  a  cow,  what you said?" "Never mind city boy."  They were seated at a table out of the way of the customers coming and going.This suited Robert fine. All he wanted to  do  was  just  sit  and look at this beauty. "You're making me nervous looking at me that way Robert, relax, and we’ll be fine. Haven't you ever dated before?" Robert  gave a nervous laugh and said, "Yes, but I want to do everything right tonight so that I don't chase you away. Sorry if I'm such a nut." "You're not a nut, just be the guy you were on the plane, and everything will be ok."  "I can do that," he  said as he tried to relax a bit.
Robert was saved  by  the  waitress  as  she  came to take their order. Peggy asked him what he was having. He was still undecided. "What are you having?" "I'm going to have the  bar-b-que  beef with fries," she said, "and if you order the same, I'm going to have words with you."  "Well, in that  case, how  does  this  sound? I'll have the Lake Catfish with a baked potato and coleslaw."  "That's  great.  I have  always  wanted  to  try  the Catfish, but I've been afraid its  not  like my Mother makes," she said. "Could I have a small piece of your potato?"  "Do you always  eat your date's food," he asked?" "It's my Mother's  fault,  she  always  does it, but Daddy doesn't mind. Does it bother you?" "No, not  really,  I  enjoy  being  with  you so  much, I would  let you have everything on my plate." The evening meal seemed to fly by.  After  dinner,  they strolled down the street and had an ice cream cone for desert. They ate it as they walked  back to where Robert had parked his rental car. Peggy looked at him and said,  "I have  eaten  so much, I can hardly wiggle."  Robert  made an  exaggerated  look behind her as if he were looking at her wiggle. "Looks ok to me. You seem to be doing fine." "You silly boy, you," she said. They both laughed as they continued down the street, arm in arm.


EXCERPT Chapter 1

Damn, its  cold, thought  Airman  First  Class (three stripes)  William F. Wright.  He  glanced  over at his buddy,  Airman Second Class, (two stripes)  W. Ellis Day,  walking  beside  him.  Ellis  could  have  been walking   down   Main  Street  in  Manchester,  New Hampshire, where they were based. Ellis was one of the good guys. Nothing much bothered him. He was just an all around good guy.  There was not a lot of small talk between them.  It  was just too cold. The street  had  been  plowed  and  the  snow was waist deep along the side of street. They get a lot of snow up  here in  Labrador,  thought  Will, and  they have learned  to  live with the ice, the snow, and the cold.
Will  was  six  feet,  one  half  inch tall, weighed 178 pounds,  had  medium  length  hair that had a finger wave  in  front  which  kept  falling over his forehead and  curling  into a  three quarter ringlet. His eyes were of the clearest blue, like a calm sea. The girls found themselves  falling  into  his eyes  as they pushed the wayward curl back in place. Will was single, 21, and had  been in the  Air  Force  for  three  and a half years. He was a fast thinker and words came easily to him. He was quick witted, almost to  the  point  of  being  an  educated  onager.  For  the  uninitiated, an onager is a wild donkey, hence the term, 'Smart Ass'. At times, he was 'full of himself'.
Ellis was  six  feet three, weighed 202 pounds, wore his hair in a crew cut. He was a tall, ruggedly  built  individual  that  had an  almost babyish smile. His smile caused many a mother to lie awake at night when her daughter was out with  him.  His  eyes  were  an indescribable greenish hue that twinkled when he smiled. He was three months married and would not swap his life for any other.  He had just completed his second year in the Air Force.  His  easy  going  manner  made him seem to be completely gullible. He liked people and believed the best in them  and was always ready to forgive and forget. They were on the way to the Mess hall to eat their breakfast before going to Base Operations, in  the  Flight  Operations  Building,   to  start  preparations  for  the  next  leg  of  their scheduled Military Air Transport Service flight. Mats crews normally  flew  four  to  eight hour segments, called legs, in a days work, before for a crew rest. This is called staging. The airplane continues on to it's destination with a  rested crew  that had staged from a previously scheduled flight. Will and Ellis were a part of a crew that had arrived the day before, after flying in from Thule, (pronounced Too-Lee) Greenland.

Easy reading, escape literature, at it's best.